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Spilled Cooking Oil? Here’s What To Do!

Picture: @julespitch

Have you ever spilled your cooking oil while you’re trying to cook? It can be really annoying to clean the cooking oil as we all know that it’s hard to clean it. Sometimes, even we have already cleaned it by mopping the floor with floor cleaner, the floor is still sticky and greasy.

New knowledge to everyone! In a recent viral video posted on TikTok by @julespitch, she shares a very useful tips on how to clean spilled oil with ease. Guess what it’s?

Here’s a clue for you. You always use this one ingredient to make bread, cookies and others. So, what is it? It’s… flour! @julespitch states in her video that you can just use flour to clean spilled oil. Sounds easy right?

So, what to do? Here are the steps:

Steps to clean spilled oil with flour

According to her, you have to:

1. Use all-purpose flour and sprinkle a little on the spilled oil.

2. Sprinkle the flour on the oiled surfaces. Add more flour if necessary.

3. The flour will soak up the spilled oil and become doughy.

4. Then, when it is dry, wipe the surface of the floor with an oil absorbent tissue.

5. Now you’re done! The surface becomes dry and oil-free, so you don’t have to trouble yourself mopping it!

You can watch the full video below:


Tips bersihkan minyak masak tertumpah. Jangan pakai mop terus nanti leceh nak bersihkan mop yang berminyak pula 😖 #fypdongggggggg #fypシ #tipsdapur #tipsbersihrumah

♬ Shut Down – BLACKPINK

Source: @julespitch

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