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(Video) You Are A Samsung Phone User? You Need To Know This!

Samsung has been one of the most famous phone brands ever used in Malaysia and also all over the world. Phones that got produced by the Samsung brand have evolved so much throughout the years and there are so many technologies and also advanced creations that one particular phone from Samsung can give to the owners. It is so amazing.

Even with all the great usage that any individual can do just by using the Samsung phone, there are still secret tips and also hacks that people do not know that they can actually do just by using the Samsung phone. Recently, there is a video that went viral on the TikTok app showing particular tips that Samsung phone owners can do using their phone.

@hafizi.zainAda pengguna Samsung sini? jom tengok video ni. Tag member korang yang pakai #samsung ya.. #share #viral #tiktokguru #foryou #hafizizain

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The secret tips and function that this video share could help to speed up your Samsung phone and the steps to do it are also very easy. These are the steps that you need to do.

  1. Go to your home page and click anywhere to pop out the setting menu.
  2. Click on the widgets icon.
  3. Search for device care.
  4. Add on the device care widget on your home page.
  5. Finally, you can just click on the brush icon to clean and speed up your phone every time you want.

Sources: TikTok Hafizi Zain.

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