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Feeling Discouraged? Find Comfort In Your Mother, And It’ll Be Alright

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Sometimes, you might feel discouraged. Whether it’s a problem you face at school, work or even in your love life, there are always going to be some issues that make you sad. Although it’s normal to feel blue, many despise it because you might express those negative emotions to the wrong person. Pity those who have to witness your explosive outburst.

When life gets a bit intense, where can you find peace of mind and heart? Some might go out and have fun. Others will probably stay at home and enjoy quiet time alone. There are many ways to feel at peace again. But have you ever thought about relying on your parents for comfort? Mothers, especially, are nature-born stress relievers, aren’t they?

Since it’s a special day to express love in many ways, we think it’s fitting to highlight how powerful a mother can be.

Dr Samhan shared his experience, which was funny and absurd at first. Can you guess what?

He asked permission from his mother to post videos on TikTok. Is it logical?

You might think, “It’s not that serious. Why would he do that?” But honestly, this is one of the best ways to get what you want.

A mother’s prayer makes everything better

It’s interesting how Dr Samhan actually hopes for more followers on his TikTok. He isn’t doing it for fame, but more to spread knowledge. Yet, he was discouraged because he didn’t achieve his target. Therefore, he talked to his mother, who didn’t even know how the most-used app nowadays worked.

Dr Samhan asked for his mother’s prayer and blessing. Then, she replied, “I pray that your followers will reach 150,000 this month.”

Despite posting his first video on 1 December, his followers were stagnant. Sadly, Dr Samhan almost lost hope. But he resorted to his mother and asked for her prayers again.

Indeed, God is the Almighty. Although the process wasn’t instant, it came at the right time.

On 31st December, he gained 150,000 followers! What’s more shocking, he had 300,000 followers on 31st January, exactly one month after! Wow.


Picture: Twitter Dr Samhan

A mother’s prayer crosses every universe. In Islam, a parent’s blessing equals God’s approval. If you want something or feel heartbroken with life, seek your mother’s blessings. Don’t be discouraged for long.

We want to send our humblest gratitude to all parents out there. You are a children’s, eternal love. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We don’t say this often, but we love you very much.

Source: Twitter Dr Samhan

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