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“Difficult To See Ayah, Mom Lost Weight Thought Of His Safety,” Untold Sacrifices By Frontline’s Daughter

Health workers are always at the forefront of dealing with the increasingly alarming COVID-19 outbreak. They work hard and risk their own lives in caring for patients.

Recently, tweets by Athirah Ros has gone viral on Twitter with over 14k retweets and more than 20k likes. She tells a story about her father.

In the tweet, Athirah shares about how hard it is for her family to see their father since the COVID-19 outbreak. Her father works as a health worker.

“The hardest person to find at home since # COVID19 hit Malaysia. Salute to dad. Never talk about tired, never complain. See him early in the morning before he goes to work. At night it is very difficult to see daddy at home,” said Athirah.

“Sometimes I’m worried about my dad. I’m worried that he got exposed to the virus. My mom lost weight recently because she always thought about dad’s safety. My mom always nagged me why they didn’t understand. Ask to sit at home, just sit at home.”

“My dad always said work was trust, responsibility. Like last night, his shift is from evening until night. But my dad and his friends support from morning until night. He said that looking for someone who’s been in contact with #COVID19 is difficult now,” she added.

Athirah also said to always pray for dad and the other frontline teams to stay strong against this virus
Last words from her tweet, she loves her father very much.

Picture via @ChaAtira

Picture via @ChaAtira

Picture via @ChaAtira

Picture via @ChaAtira

Source: Athirah Ros

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