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A Great Pain, A Boy Missing His Father Brought Tears To Many

Picture: @omokgendut18

There is no pain greater than missing those who have left us. In this world, there must be some people that we are close to. For instance, some people have a very close relationship with their parents and siblings. Some may be close to their grandparents or friends. Either way, without their presence, even just for a day, it seems like our day is not complete.

Losing someone because of their passing is another level of pain. Only those who have lost someone so dear to them can relate to this.

In a video uploaded by @omokgendut18 on TikTok, a mother catches her son in tears while holding a mobile phone. The son, only just a little boy, is seen watching a video through that phone. But…what video is he watching that makes him in tears?


allah…ingat dia diam buat ape..rupanya tgk video arwah ayah dia😌

♬ bunyi asal – aishah sanusi🥰 – aishah sanusi🥰

From the caption written, the son is watching a video of his late father. His father passed away due to an illness recently. إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ.

The boy’s mother asks him if he misses his father. Even though the boy does not answer, we know from his face that he really does. 

Seeing the boy missing his father dearly makes other viewers in tears too. Although he is just a child, he already knows the pain of his father’s absence.



Picture: @omokgendut18

May this family be given strength and may the boy’s late father be among those who believe. Aamiin.

Source: @omokgendut18 (TikTok)

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