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You Would Definitely Envy Ozlynn and Son’s Relationship, Truly 2023’s #RelationshipGoals

Pictures: Instagram Johan & Ozlynn, PNGitem

It warms our hearts to see the mother-son bond between Ozlynn and her oldest child, Ariq. Although Ariq isn’t physically present in front of her, even distance can’t separate them.

For some of you who don’t know, Ariq is furthering his studies in Ireland. He’s becoming a future doctor, and we pray for his best!

On her Instagram, we can see their strong bond in many of her posts. It’s evident in the way they treat each other. Additionally, it’s good to see the now 20-year-old Ariq still close to his parents despite being a young adult.

Not many children these days love being pampered by their parents at that age. Some of them prefer to take the wheel and navigate their life without the help of their parents. However, this statement doesn’t apply to everyone.

This mother-son relationship will make you feel the warmth of love

In her latest post, Ozlynn shared a few screenshots of her conversation with Ariq. He sent a picture of the view of the mosque. Ozlynn asked Ariq where he was, to which he replied he was waiting for the subuh azan to be heard.

As Malaysia is eight hours ahead of Ireland, Ozlynn asked if he was waiting for the prayer. He said yes and stated he had just finished reciting the Quran.


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Ozlynn couldn’t help but praise her son for keeping his family routine in check, even in a foreign country. Ozlynn and Johan will always gather their children to pray and recite the Quran together. Even though they are a thousand kilometres apart, Ariq still adheres to what his parents taught him, not forgetting his responsibility as a Muslim.

“Ariq is the first child to fill my ‘rahim‘”

The first child of any parent will always have a special place in their heart. And we can relate to Ozlynn feeling a sense of fulfilment and achievement for raising a filial son like Ariq.

Netizens praise Ariq for being a wonderful son that continuously makes his parents proud. To see a person like him, respecting his parents and loving his siblings, we’re proud of him too.


Picture: Instagram Johan & Ozlynn


Picture: Instagram Johan & Ozlynn

Fellow best friend Zizan Razak jokingly mentioned Rahim Sepahtu, but why?

As everyone is cooing and wishing they could have a sturdy bond like Ozlynn and Ariq, Zizan as Johan’s best friend leaves a comment that ‘shattered’ the melancholy mood.

In his comment, Zizan wrote, “Allah. I’m touched. Mama, does Rahim Sepahtu have anything to do with your conversation [with Ariq]?”

Replying to Zizan’s comment in a light-hearted tone, Ozlynn wrote, “My beloved brother, please keep our family’s stupidity within our Whatsapp group. Don’t publicise. It’s embarrassing!”


Picture: Instagram Johan & Ozlynn

While other commenters love the sweetness of Ozlynn and Ariq’s relationship, Zizan’s comment made everyone laugh out loud!


Picture: Instagram Johan & Ozlynn

Of course, everyone wants to have a good relationship with other people. It’s a blessing to create positive connections with them.

Ozlynn and Ariq’s mother-son bond should be exemplified. We can be like them with a little more love and understanding. This positive ‘envy’ will drive us closer to creating better relationships with people around us!

Source: Instagram Johan & Ozlynn

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