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Safety Vehicle Appearance On Highway PLUS, This Is The Reason For It

A lot of road users in Malaysia would definitely have seen this type of safety vehicle on the road. This is especially when you guys are using the PLUS Highway. One thing that always is associated with the presence of safety vehicle is they would be blocking the road on the highway for quite some time. Not many people know the reason behind the action. Worry not, this is the explanation.

A TikTok account that goes by the name Pandu Laju explained it. According to them, this safety vehicle is actually an official vehicle that is used by the maintenance workers of PLUS Malaysia. They are working hand in hand with the maintenance partner which is one other than the UEM EDGENTA. The main objective for them to be blocking the road is surely for the safety of others.


Pernah tak korang terjumpa lori macam ini dekat Highway PLUS? Mesti pernah kan !!! #plus #safetyvehicle #pandulajudotcomdotmy #lori #education #tiktokguru_malaysia

♬ original sound – Pandu Laju – Pandu Laju

To those who might not know, they block the road whenever there are foreign objects that can be dangerous for road users on the road. For example, tire debris, items that can be harmful to the vehicles on the road, and many others. Just to protect road users.

Two Types Of Road Closure 

1) Planned Closure

This particular type of road closure, there will only be done in a certain amount of time and also a certain amount of distance.

2) Unplanned Closure

This is usually a fast response of the maintenance workers of PLUS Highway after they have received any reports from road users.

Sources: TikTok Pandu Laju.

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