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Che Ta Offers A ‘Rahmah’ Friendly Inai For The Upcoming Raya

Che Ta
Pictures: Instagram Rozita Che Wan

Che Ta had recently celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday. True to words, she didn’t age a bit! In fact, she looks younger and prettier as she hits 50! We wonder what’s the secret to her everlasting beauty…

The actress, businesswoman and brand ambassador were spotted in bling bling and gold for her 50th birthday photoshoot. She looks as gorgeous as ever! We wish you a happy 50th birthday, Che Ta!

Che Ta

Picture: Instagram Rozita Che Wan

We think her beauty might be because of her kind heart. There’s a saying that beauty comes from within. So, her initiative to help ‘bedazzle’ everyone’s Raya celebration this year is one of the reasons why she’s so beautiful and empathetic!

Inai ‘Rahmah’ for this year’s Eid by Che Ta

Recently, Che Ta introduced a new product that every woman loves. It’s no other than inai!

For your information, inai is a wudhu and Muslim-friendly version of nail polish. Previously, inai only came in a dark orange hue, usually retrieved whenever someone returned from performing a pilgrimage. However, inai can be bought everywhere and anytime now.

So, to add more pizazz to the Raya OOTD, a set of #InaiCheTa only costs RM25!


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A post shared by Rozita Che Wan (@rozitachewan1)

With RM25, you’ll get a Set Kuku Letops Mazaville compromising of three inai tubes with three lovely colours: Maroon Rose, Red Velvet and Caramel. These colours will surely make you look extra beautiful during Raya!

Che Ta

Pictures: Instagram Rozita Che Wan

Additionally, the packaging doesn’t look like it’s RM25. It looks way pricier!

Che Ta

Picture: Instagram Rozita Che Wan

Che Ta wishes that the ‘Rahmah’ inai box would add a touch of glam to this year’s Eid celebration. Not only that, she opens opportunities for everyone who wants to make an extra income before the celebration begins by becoming their agent.

We have to say: the ‘Rahmah’ inai set is very pretty!

Source: Instagram Rozita Che Wan

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