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Salam The Elderly This Way Might Get You More Duit Raya This Year

Picture: Pembekal Garam Bukit Himalaya Asli

We believe in Malaysia, we have this culture of salam. It’s a habit that happens when two people meet and shake hands with each other. It’s widely practised in the Malay community especially. This tradition also happens during celebrations like Hari Raya, where children seek forgiveness and blessings from their parents. And this is when your parents might give duit raya!

Since Ramadhan is approaching soon, what comes to mind? Aside from sahur and bazar ramadhan, it’s Hari Raya! As we mentioned, shaking hands is still practised today. Everyone does it before going to beraya.


Picture: Denaihati

But have you ever encountered something like this? The second-hand embarrassment is real.

Do you think it’s rude?

So, what are the ethics of shaking hands? Let’s learn together!

Here’s how to salam the preferable way

1) Begin with a greeting

For Muslims, we can greet the elderly with Assalamualaikum, which means peace to be upon you.

2) Look at them with a smile

When you’re shaking hands with them, don’t forget to smile. It’s considered a sadaqah (alms) to anyone who sees your smile.

3) Slightly lower your head and don’t lift your hand

This step shows our respect for the elderly.

4) Peck the palm and back of their hands

This is also one of the ways to show our respect and gratitude to them.

5) Firmly shake their hands

Shake their hands with enthusiasm, but don’t break them, though!

The elderly then should pat the children’s heads. While doing so, they can include their prayers for them.

If you need a visual guide to it, here’s a video guide.

But this doesn’t only apply during eid, though. Whenever you shake hands with the elderly, try doing it like this.

Bonus point: if you follow these steps, you might get more duit raya this upcoming eid! Thank us later!

Sources: Twitter TikTok Berguna, Gurusiana, Youtube Habib Syech Bin Abdul Qadir Assegaf

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