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These Are The Things You Should Do If Trees Damage Your Car

Picture: Climbers Way Tree Care

Malaysia and rain are inseparable. The strong winds when it is raining will even make the trees move. Not just that, the pouring rain will sometimes cause floods in certain places. Even though rain can be calming, it can also cause natural disasters.

So, when meteorologists warn us about the coming of rain, we should always be ready. 

Ready for what? We should be ready for the consequences that might happen due to rain.

For instance, when there is pouring rain with strong winds, there is a possibility that trees will fall onto your car, thus damaging it.

If this happens, what should you do?


Picture: Tree Care By Robert Miller

1) Do not try to remove the trees by yourself.

  • It is feared that you will harm yourself by doing so.
  • Sometimes we are not aware of the danger that is waiting for us (electric shock, wild animals).

2) Call your insurance company.

  • This can only be applied if your car is damaged due to natural disasters (rain, winds, landslide, etc.)
  • But if it happens because of accidents from the works of certain departments (district councils, etc.), there is no need to call the insurance company.
  • Instead, deal with the departments responsible for the damage.

3) Do not forget to lodge a report at the police station.

Source: Etiqa, Direct Collision Inc.

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