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A Gentleman Helps A Stressed Mother, Care For Her Baby On A Plane

Pictures: TripZilla & @ADLIZAKUAN

Boarding a plane can be exciting, especially for first-timers. However, sometimes it can be ‘annoying’ when there are disruptions, such as troubled people making a nuisance or maybe babies crying. Well, babies can be forgiven as they are babies.

But if you think about it, you might feel annoyed by a baby’s cry, but how about the mother? The mother must feel more ‘annoyed’ and stressed. With the pressure look from other people, she needs to do something so that her baby does not throw a tantrum.

Nevertheless, not many people care about the woman’s silent cry. All they care about is their own comfort. But not for this gentleman, @ADLIZAKUAN.

According to him, when he was on a plane from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, a baby has been crying non-stop for about an hour. He pitied the mother of the baby because she was very stressed out.

@ADLIZAKUAN knew that he needed to do something to help the woman. Thus, he asked her if she needed any help with the baby. He then asked the mother’s permission if he could handle the baby so that the mother could rest for a while.

He applied a little drop of ‘Cap Kapak’ oil on the baby’s tight. But nope! That does not work for the baby. Even the stewardess tried to cheer the baby up. But still, it was futile. Wait, actually ‘Cap Kapak’ oil is not suitable to be applied for babies. In fact, it is dangerous!



Then, there was a woman who brought along ‘Yuyee’ oil with her. As we all know, this oil is very popular among mothers and babies. But..the baby kept on crying.

The baby’s mother stood up, and @ADLIZAKUAN brought her baby back to her. It was nice to see that the mother could rest, even for a while. She looked calmer than before. She fed the baby. The person sitting beside the mother also helped her out by giving her hair for the baby to play with until the baby slept.

Tips when travelling with babies

So grateful for the people who helped the mother and the baby. Looking through the comments, some people shared some tips when boarding a plane with a baby. Check out below:


You can also refer to these tips:


Picture: @KhairulZakaria


Picture: @niniesyazni

Sources: @ADLIZAKUAAN, @lalalolss, KhairulZakaria, @niniesyazni.

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