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Toby, Syed Saddiq’s Adorable Cat, Devastatingly Has Passed Away

Pictures: Twitter Syed Saddiq, PngFind

Syed Saddiq’s cute oyen friend, Toby, has passed away recently. Although it’s not our cat, we understand how devastating it is to see something we love leave so soon. Even more, if the death is sudden and unexpected, the separation will be more painful.

On Twitter, the Muar MP posted a heartfelt message for his cat along with photos of them together.

He wrote, “Toby, my beloved cat, has left us. So sudden. So sad. I miss him so much.”

Reading his last messages for Toby broke our hearts. Not only did the cute orange cat was Syed Saddiq’s eternal friend, but he was also the YB’s sole companion during his toughest times.

Syed Saddiq wishes his cat to rest well in ‘cat heaven’. From wherever Toby is, we can assure you he’ll definitely pray for Syed Saddiq and his family’s well-being.

There’s a saying, if we’re good with nature, nature will be good to us. Thus, if the Muar MP treated Toby with love and care, Toby would absolutely remember Syed Saddiq as a doting owner.

Many are sending their condolences to YB with hopes he’ll be okay. It looks like they went through similar experiences.


Picture: Twitter Syed Saddiq


Picture: Twitter Syed Saddiq

Time doesn’t heal wounds. They only numb the pain. Yet, with time, we’ll grow to accept and hopefully move on. Healing doesn’t have a time limit. Therefore, don’t push yourself to be okay right away.

To everyone who has experienced loss, whether it’s your family members, friends or animals, we hope you’re feeling better now.

Once again, we send our heartfelt condolences to Toby. Stay strong, YB.

Source: Twitter Syed Saddiq

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