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“Tom And Jerry In Reverse.” Watch This Video Of A Rat Chasing A Cat

Picture: @floracindy1

We always assume that rats or mouses are afraid of cats. We have seen this in cartoon television series like Tom and Jerry. Tom The Cat always chases Jerry The Mouse. Because of that, we are under the impression of cats are superior to rats and mouses.

However, how true is our impression of these two animals? In a video shared by @floracindy1, it seems like our stereotypical statement of cats being superior to rats and mouses is not quite true. Watch the below video to find out why:


Our very own version of Tom & Jerry .. 🐈 & 🐀

♬ Tom And Jerry Main Theme (From “”Tom And Jerry””) – Geek Music

The video captured a rat messing with a cat! Unexpectedly, the cat is scared of the rodent. It tries very hard to stay away from the rat when it chases the cat.

Well, well, well. How the tables have turned! 


Picture: @floracindy1

It is really not like anything we have seen on the television screen. It is all a stereotype, as not all cats are like that!

There is a reason for the cat in the video is scared of the rodent:

1) It might not be a hunting type of cat.

2) It may be a domestic cat.

3) The size of the rat!

Cats owners! Is your cat good at hunting rodents? Or…is your cat scared of them?

Source: @floracindy1 (TikTok), Speaking For Animals

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