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SPM Students Teared Up During English Paper 1, Here’s Why

Pictures: HarakahDaily, Twitter, Twitter

Students — the journey is never easy. From our experience, as someone who wasn’t a top student at school, every day was a challenge that we wished could end. The pressure from peers and the inner stress was unbearable at times. Although school life was supposed to be enjoyable, it wasn’t for many.

Picture: National Education Association

However, it’s a part of our responsibility to study. Some say you don’t have to go to school to be successful. Yes, that is true. But having a wider knowledge of many things could help you in the long run. Knowledge isn’t just you using it to get a job. It helps build your personality to be empathetic, wise and mature.

When we look back to those school days, we can’t believe we survived that ordeal. Secondly, we kind of miss those ‘days before SPM’ moments. Weird, huh? It must be the SPM fever since every candidate is talking about it on social media.

Every day, the trending list on Twitter will have #SPM2022 in it. There are lots of funny memes there. Not only that, but the students also vented their feelings about the exam papers they answered.

Students couldn’t hold their tears during English Paper 1

We saw some candidates discussing the English paper. We suspect it’s for Paper 1, the comprehension test (we honestly preferred writing essays when we were in their shoes).

After scrolling through Twitter and TikTok, we realised the question they asked in the paper was indeed heartbreaking. No wonder many candidates teared up.


🙁 #spm2022#fyp#englishpaper

♬ suara asli – ilham – ilham

We don’t know in detail. But it looks like a conversation between a father and a daughter. Oh, no. We can sense the danger coming.

The convo reads,

“Dad, I’m never going to leave you.”

“But I hope you will. I can build many things, but I can’t build your future. All I can do is prepare you for your future.”

We have to say: those are one of the most beautifully heartbreaking words we’ve ever heard. And knowing it came from a father? We understood why these students cried. We did.


Picture: TikTok @aisyahaziqa


Picture: TikTok @aisyahaziqa

As a son or daughter, we know fathers aren’t the expressive type. Usually, we don’t know what they’re feeling. But a father can move mountains and jump into a fiery ocean for their children. The impossible isn’t impossible for them. They make everything possible.

Therefore, those who still have their parents: appreciate them. Make them proud by building a successful future. Study smart and work hard. We believe in you.

Let’s say— even if you don’t excel in your SPM— don’t think it’s the end of the world. It’s only the beginning.

Hey, we survived. And you will too. Keep moving forward. You can do this!

Sources: Twitter, TikTok @aisyahaziqa

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