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“Literally Eating Out…” Woman Teases Husband With A TikTok Trend

Picture: @satthiyakandi

On social media like Tiktok, we often see trends evolving, from time to time. There used to be a trend where people would try using the AI Anime Filter to see what they would look like if they were a character in an anime. Undoubtedly, it is fun following the trend. Nevertheless, sometimes, the filter turns out to be not like we expected. Read here.

Another trend has been going around on TikTok for months now but the name of the trend is unknown. Let us call it the ‘secret options.’ Many people have tried out this trend. Here’s how to play:

1) A person writes two to three options on separate papers.

2) Another person will choose one option without seeing what is written on the papers.

3) The option must be granted by the person who made it.

We are sure you have seen people doing this trend before.

In a video shared by @satthiyakandi, she is following the trend! She makes two options for her husband — 1) to eat at home and 2) to eat out. 



♬ Funny lazy donkey (hilarious song)(937200) – LEOPARD

Her husband then chooses the option of “Makan kat luar ” or “to eat out.” He is all smiles for choosing the option.

But…there is a twist! His wife does not really bring him to eat out at the restaurant. Instead, he is literally eating out. We mean outside of their house, in front of the front door!

His wife is such a jokester! Even funnier, look at the husband’s facial expression. He is so disappointed.

People are also entertained by @satthiyakandi’s joke:


Picture: @satthiyakandi

Well, maybe next time he will be eating out at a restaurant.

Source: @satthiyakandi (TikTok)

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