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Your Car Aircond Smells Musty? Freshen It Up Using This Way

Pictures: TikTok @aj_aircond

After a tiring day at work, some people find it relaxing to be in the car. It’s nice to have a short ‘me’ moment before driving home. You can listen to music or watch the sunset glide from the evening sky.

It’s one of those rare times when you can empty your mind from work-related stuff. However, it won’t be as enjoyable if your car smells bad!


Picture: GoGet

When you turn on the aircond, immediately, there’s a waft of something unpleasant. Your brain is confused about whether the smell comes outside or in the car. Bummer! You’re just about to have a sentimental moment there.

So, why does this happen? How can your aircond smells like sweaty socks and stale food? No worries, @aj_aircond can help you out!

Where does the smell come from?

The smell comes from the bacteria. When the aircond is turned on, the blower will transport the air to the cooling coil. Thus, it releases cool air.


Picture: Car Throttle

However, when bacteria are attached to the cooling coil, it will disperse the musty smell with the cool air. That’s why your car will smell weird when turning on the AC for the first five to 10 seconds.

How to freshen up your car aircond?

1) Start the engine.
2) Turn on the AC.
3) Put the air strength to level four or the maximum.
4) Then, set the coolness to the coldest setting.
5) Afterwards, turn down all windows.
6) Leave your car in that condition for 20 minutes.
7) Additionally, you can also drive around with the windows down for the same duration.
8) The result may shock you!


Siapa Ada Masalah Bau Boleh Try Cara Ni Nanti moga Bermanfaat #Ajaircond #fypシ #aircondkeretataksejuk

♬ bunyi asal – AJ Aircond – AJ Aircond

If you face this problem, try following these steps. We hope it helps!

Sources: TikTok @aj_aircond, Twitter TikTok Berguna

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