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Non-Fattening Snacks That Can Satisfy Your Sweet-Savoury Cravings

Pictures: Twitter @itsssssssara

Everyone is health conscious these days. Many prefer healthier options to food that are fattening. Less oil, sugar and salt is definitely the choice for many people.

However, there’s a stereotypical understanding that many still stand by today. What is it? Healthy foods are tasteless. Gross. Not delicious.


Picture: Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

Well, if the makers don’t perfect their craft, that might be it. But, once you come across healthy snacks that are healthy and delicious, you won’t search for those fattening junk foods anymore!

Snack on these non-fattening munchies

1) Halal Yoghurt cube


Picture: Twitter @itsssssssara

We have tasted this before. We bought one in a convenience store. At first, we’re a bit intrigued. Yoghurt cube? Hmm, how will it taste like?

Once, we had a bite of these cute cubes. It was phenomenal! The texture is very interesting. It melted in your mouth. The sweet and fruity notes with hints of sour milkiness from the yoghurt will make you crave more. Seriously, one cube isn’t enough!

2) Loca Lorie Snack Popcorn


Picture: Twitter @itsssssssara

Here’s a fun snack for you to try. The famous popcorn is a perfect munch-on whenever you’re just Netflix and chilling or just wanting to entertain your tastebuds with something sweet and savoury.

Although it’s low in calories, it isn’t low in taste. Eating this is like tasting the sweet caramel popcorn in the cinema!

3) Chocolate bar


Picture: Twitter @itsssssssara

Interestingly, chocolate is the best snack option. Not only does it provide energy, but it also increases happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. But most chocolates are too sweet. Therefore, it’s not good for our bodies.

However, don’t be sad. If you’re a chocolate lover but are watching over your weight, try this Chocotainer! Despite being diet-friendly, they don’t skimp on the rich, buttery cocoa taste!

4) Freeze Dried Strawberry


Picture: Twitter @itsssssssara

Freezing fruit is one of the best ways to make it last longer. Fruits are sensitive to temperature, water and air. Therefore, if it’s exposed to these factors, it’ll rot easily.

No worries, though. Starting today, freeze your fruits in bags and take them out whenever you feel like eating them! Plus, you can always whiz them in the blender. Voila! A fresh and healthy fruit slushie!

5) Blackcurrant Assam


Picture: Twitter @itsssssssara

Assam is a sun-dried fruit. Thus, the flavour will be intense once it’s coated with a sweet-salty-sour powder on its exterior.

So, if you’re a fan of sour things, this assam is the best choice. It tastes like fresh blackcurrant or the famous Ribena drink in Malaysia. Yum!

Try these snacks out, and don’t worry about your weight. It’s healthy and delicious, guaranteed!

Source: Twitter @itsssssssara

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