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Mother ‘Lodges’ A Report To Policemen About Her Daughter’s Obsession Playing Lato-Lato

Picture: @iendaazlinda

For the past few months, lato-lato has been a ‘phenomenon’ in Malaysia. Coming from Indonesia, the ‘viral’ toy or game has attracted Malaysians’ curiosity to try playing it, especially children. Want to know more about lato-lato? You can read it here.

However, cases regarding this toy/game concern some Malaysians. It is said that the toy/game is dangerous for the players. The two balls look like pendulum bob is quite heavy. Thus, it could harm the players in any part of their body.


Picture: detikNews

Aside from that, recently, there was also a case where lato-lato damaged a local citizen’s car. It damaged the windscreen of the car. From this situation, we get to know that this toy brings more harm than good.

Furthermore, everywhere we go, we can hear the continuous ‘clacking’ sound of the toy, even at night. This has brought disturbance to people who want to take a rest after a long day at work.

In a video shared by @iendaazlinda, we think she had enough of her daughter’s ‘obsession’ with playing lato-lato. Therefore, she tricks her by lodging a report to the policemen.


Abam polis pun kenat 😹😹😹 siap bukak lampu biru nak bagi lagi takut

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

The policemen being supportive of the mother, also turn on the ’emergency light.’ Usually, the light is turned on when there is an emergency like an accident or on a mission of searching for crime suspects.

Children being children are afraid of policemen. The mother’s trick works! The girl pledges that she will not play lato-lato anymore. Even better, she says she will throw it away!

Nice job, mother!

Source: @iendaazlinda (TikTok)

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