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Viral Video of Ultraman Reciting Du’a, Comments Section Are Hilarious

Picture: @pinjamduluduitmu

Who is your favorite superhero growing up? There are many superheroes we know from television, including Ultraman! Many people dream of becoming of one the Ultramans when they were younger. Their fighting with the monsters in the middle of the city is so cool!

The Ultraman’s action of saving the city from danger makes the children aspire to do the same! That’s one of the positive lessons that can be taken from watching Ultraman.

However, I guess not only children who like this superhero. Adults do too by seeing this video shared by @pinjamduluduitmu on TikTok. Let’s watch the video below:


Doa apa tu🤣 #atomantiga #hello2023


The video shows people making a du’a together. Seeing the colorful balloons decorated in the house, it is safe to say that these people are celebrating a memorable occasion. There are also drinks and food prepared on the table. Yum!

All seems normal seeing these people raise their hands making du’a, until the video catches the Ultraman! The superhero is raising his hands too!

People are entertained by the Ultraman’s stunts. He is all set with the mask and clothing. But…he is wearing a ‘kain pelikat.’ The kind of clothing worn by most Malay males in Malaysia when they are at home. I guess the Ultraman just finished his prayer, that is why he is wearing the ‘kain pelikat.’

Furthermore, the little boy also catches the attention of people. It is unsure if he is looking at the superhero fondly or weirdly. But his eyes do not turn away from the Ultraman.


Picture: @pinjamduluduitmu

Maybe he is enticed by the lights flickering on the superhero’s face. What do you think?

Source: @pinjamduluduitmu (TikTok)

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