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(Video) “My Hand Has Always Been Like This…” – Malaysian Girl Shares Her Experience

As human beings, we are always born special just the way we are and we should never have any complaints about it. We have to always be grateful for who we are as long as it is not something that is wrong to be done and we also have to keep in mind that nobody is worth it. This is because everyone in this whole wide world would be living such a positive and happy life by doing this type of behavior in life.

This is what has been shared by a particularly beautiful girl that has been living her whole life with some disabilities on her hand. She has recently posted a video on her TikTok account that goes by the name syaaaliii_ sharing her own experience on what happened with her hand after she got asked about it by her viewers. She looks so confident and also appreciative to be who she is in the particular video while she talks about it.

@syaaaliii_Reply to @ishasham #fypシ #fyp #esekeli #shouldbeme #FullSpeedChallenge #tiktokmalaysia♬ original sound – ceo of ✨zoom✨

According to the video, she decided to post this video when she got asked why do her hands look like how it is looking now. She said, “My hand has always been like this since born. Previously, my right hand was not like this. It is round in shape. It looked like I was gripping my whole hand. My hand was actually complete with 5 fingers but all of them are short like it is now. Then, the doctor decided to get rid of the middle finger”.

She also explained that all of her fingers on her left hand used to be attached together closely then the doctor operated on them to make them separated. She used to have two normal-looking fingers on her left hand and that was the thumb and also the pinky finger but an accident that happened before in her life has caused her pinky finger to deform and become permanent that way.

Sources: TikTok syaaaliii_

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