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A Cashier Can Do All Things If The Customer Pays This Way

Pictures: TikTok @syafiqunil98

Being a cashier is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It requires lots of patience and resilience. Not everyone can deal with customers of different attitudes. Sometimes, the cashier can lose their temper and lash out at those rude customers. Even though there’s a term, ‘customer is always right,’ it doesn’t apply to all situations.

However, there’s a good side to being a cashier too. If the customer is kind and understanding, they might give a generous tip to them. Isn’t that a lovely what to make someone’s day better than before?


Picture: MyPerfectResume

Working behind the cash register must have endless stories; happy, funny or sad. While interacting with different customers every day, the experience will vary too.

Perhaps, if you’re working as a cashier, you’ll understand the interesting pattern of these customers. For example, when paying for groceries, some might use cash, while others resort to a cashless transaction.

It’s good that many supermarkets in Malaysia are practising cashless payment. Not many people bring cash these days.

One thing a cashier finds funny, according to Syafiq Unil (@syafiqunil98), is when people pay with a card, but they have to key in the PIN.

Some cards are waveable now, while others don’t. So, it’ll take longer for the machine to process the transaction.

In the video, Syafiq and his friends were seen doing other things while waiting for the customer to insert their PIN. Funnily, they’re acting in fast-forward motion, but the transaction is still in progress!


Yg keje cashier akan faham situasi ni😆 #fypmalaysia #fypシ #sibudaksubway

♬ original sound – Syafiq Unil – Syafiq Unil

There are many cashiers in the comment section who experienced the same thing. Everyone has a good laugh there!


We wonder how the cashier will react if the customer’s card is declined after waiting for them to insert their PIN…

Source: TikTok @syafiqunil98

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