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(Video) These Girls Were Visited By ‘Uninvited Guests’ While Doing TikTok

Doing a TikTok dance sometimes can make many people in this whole wide world become really unaware of the situation of the surrounding. They could be too engaging to make the best and perfect TikTok video that they wanted. Because of that, it could lead to another incident happening towards them. These incidents that happen could be dangerous, hilarious, or even unexpected for them.

This is what has happened to a 16-year-old Indonesian girl who lives in Medan. In the particular incident, her phone got taken away by a wild monkey when she was recording a video. Gladly, the wild monkey did not attack the girl during the incident. The TikTok video was posted by Annisa who was recording a TikTok video nearby her house.

@annisadwiatikah2monyet meresahkan😭 ##fyp

♬ Mood – Tom Mallari 🇵🇭

It can be seen through the posted TikTok video that Annisa and one other person with her have started to record some TikTok videos using her phone that she placed in front of her. Suddenly, she noticed a hairy figure standing right behind her. After a while, she realized that it was a monkey. Then, they decided to run away from the monkey and left the phone behind.

The monkey also can be seen did not try to attack them but they decided to run away for safety after all. This is because wild monkeys have the reputation of being dangerous so they knew it is better for them to not be near it. After that, an unexpected thing happened to them when the monkey suddenly snatched her phone and flee.

Sources: TikTok Annisa

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