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Wives Get A Third Eye After Marriage, But Husbands Lose One

Pictures: TikTok @ririnar24, Free PNG Logos

It’s funny how a marriage can change an individual. Many experience a positive change after tying the knot, while some might fall into the dark gutter. Perhaps, it’s true that marriage is like a gamble. No one knows who will last and who will stay.

However, marriages that prosper often come from great communication and tolerance. Living under the same roof will somehow force you to tune into your partner’s habit, as well as they have to accommodate yours. It’s the basics of being in a relationship because it takes two to make it work, yes?


Picture: Cloudland

Therefore, husbands and wives are like each other’s eyes, ears, noses and mouths. They work together and help each other throughout all difficulties.

Speaking of being each other’s senses, we can’t deny that women might have a sharper grip on the household. They know where things are and how to get them. While men… well. They need a bit of a helping hand.

Like this video shared by RIRI (@ririnar24), it looks like a husband’s ‘defect’ after marriage is they have poor vision.


Barang selalu hilang dari pandangan lelaki.. @Anissul Asaad Official @Zafar Noordin

♬ original sound – RIRI – RIRI

RIRI is asking her husband to find the jug’s cover in the cabinet. The husband obeys, scanning every possible space there is. But he still can’t see where the cover is!

Funnily, the thing he’s looking for is just in front of him! He didn’t notice at all!

Additionally, the wife urges her husband to find it again with a bit of guidance. He even says, “You like doing magic tricks!”

After frustrating minutes, RIRI guides her husband to the cover’s location and everyone bursts into laughter!

Laughter is indeed contagious. Everyone in the comment section finds this hilarious too!


Picture: TikTok @ririnar24


Picture: TikTok @ririnar24

Does this only apply to married couples? We think this also happens when our mothers ask us to find something…

Source: TikTok @ririnar24

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