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You Might Have Vocally Battled With This ‘Annoying’ Bird Once In Your Life

Pictures: The Life Journey in Photography, JungleDragon

Growing up, you might have come across this one bird that makes the most annoying sound. Funnily, instead of being mad at it, you’ll have an intense vocal battle with them! Ha! Who’s louder now, huh?

However, some might assume this bird is a crow. Well, crows chirp differently. But since our parents or grandparents call these birds crows, we blindly follow. Yet, this bird has its name. Honestly, we think this bird has the cutest name!

Who are you, ‘annoying’ bird?

In Malay, this bird’s name is Burung Tuwu! Don’t you think it’s a cute name? Not only that, but its name ‘Tuwu‘ resonates with the sound it makes, ‘uwu’!



♬ original sound – My Ghost – My Ghost

For your information, Burung Tuwu‘s other name is Asian koel or Eudynamys scolopaceus. Interestingly, the Asian koel is a member of the cuckoo order of birds! No wonder they’re a bit similar.

It’s a small bird weighing around 190 to 327 grams. Its size ranges from 39 to 46 centimetres. However, their common lifespan is between 12 to 15 years! That’s quite long!

The Asian koel is mainly found in the Indian Subcontinent, China and Southeast Asia. Not only that but the bird is often used as a symbol in Indian and Nepali poetry. It’s used in literature because of its imposed meaning of ‘true love’ and ‘longing’. Somehow, the bird only ‘sings’ during the mating season.

Characteristics of the Asian koel

The adult males usually have a glossy black with a dull lime-green bill, while females and small Asian koels have blackish brown with white dots on the beaks and strong streaking on the head and throat.


Pictures: eBird

What makes the bird so eye-catching, aside from its unique chirping, is its eyes! Adult Asian koels’ eyes are ruby. They might be the bird version of a vampire!

Additionally, female koels don’t lay eggs in their own nests, nope. They lay them in other large birds’ nests like crows, shrikes and starlings. This small bird sure has much uniqueness. Today we learned!

Do you still see this bird around your house? Do you have a ‘The Voice’ battle with them? So, who wins?

Sources: TikTok My Ghost, eBird, Animalia, Tribuneindia

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