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Safety Tips: How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Theft And Robbery

Picture: Reisch Law Firm

The world should have been a beautiful place. Nevertheless, the rising cases of crimes like theft, robbery, murder, and more have made people scared. They need to be cautious every time they go out. Worst, they even have to be careful in their own houses as crimes can happen there too!

Theft and robbery can happen anywhere. However, they usually aim for dark, gloomy, and quiet streets. Furthermore, thieves and robbers use a car or a motorcycle to help them escape the crimes they are doing.

We cannot trust anyone these days. Therefore, here are some safety tips that might help you from being a victim of theft and robbery.

1) Do not wear much revealing jewellery.
2) Always have an eye on your bag or handbag.
3) Avoid fighting to get on a bus, train, or when at a crowded place.
4) Do not leave your bag or handbag at a place without anyone’s supervision.
5) Keeping your wallet or money in the back pocket of your pants.
6) If you have worthy things with you, make sure to not let anyone see them.
7) Do not walk alone.
8) Be cautious of strangers.
9) If you are walking on the road, make sure to walk in the direction opposite from where the vehicles move.
10) Pay attention to your surroundings.


Picture: Reader’s Digest

Thieves and robbers also aim at vehicles. Make sure to always lock your cars.

Remember, there may be some people who have been aiming you for a long time. Therefore, you should always be cautious.

Source: PDRM Pulau Pinang (Facebook)

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