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Cat Parents Hope ‘Menu Rahmeow’ Could Also Be Introduced

cat parents
Picture: Unsplashed

Oh no! Cat food is increasing in price! Cat parents are most worried about this. With the additional member in the family, they do not only have to think about themselves, but also their beloved pet cats too.

As we all know, caring for cats consumes a lot of money. The cats’ health, hygienic states, environment, food, and more, must be prioritized. Caring for cats seems similar to caring for babies. They need delicate and meticulous care.

Cat parents will do anything so that their cats feel comfortable. If not, the cats might be stressed. Do you think only humans can feel stressed out? No, animals can too.

Nevertheless, looking at the price of cat food now makes cat parents worried! Some people might say, “Just give them the food you are eating.” That is the case. Some cats are too picky when it comes to food!

On Twitter, @LOLsusaho hopes the government will implement ‘Menu Rahmeow.’ If that happens, they can buy nutritious, but affordable food for their pet cats.

Looking at the comments, people also hope dog food will be the same as well. Or maybe can be implemented for all animals that are described as pets.

cat parents

Picture: @LOLsusaho

Surprisingly, there are several shops already enforcing ‘Menu Rahmeow!’ — Pets Wonderland and more.

cat parents

Picture: @suhafarinordin

Do you know any other shops that have ‘Menu Rahmeow?’ Share with us!

Source: @LOLsusaho (Twitter)

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