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Look At This Lovey-Dovey Relationship Between A Cow And Its Owner

Picture: @arshadazzwani

Do you think that only humans can be lovey-dovey? You are wrong about that! Animals and humans can have that kind of relationship too! You will understand this if you have a pet. Sometimes, our pets seek safety and comfort from humans. Humans, being compassionate, will give them the love they need.

Being compassionate to animals is one of the honorable things to do. Even though sometimes the animals might be wild, we have no reason to be cruel to them.

In a video shared by @arshadazzwani on TikTok, a cow is being cutesy with its owner. The video just got uploaded a day ago and has reached 9.8 million views. Wow, that is a lot! Check out the video below:


Aboi 🥰 #penternaklembu #penternakmuda #lembumanja #arshadazzwani

♬ Heartbeat (From “Kal Ho Naa Ho”) (Instrumental) – Shankar Ehsaan Loy

The video only shows the lovey-dovey relationship between the cow and its owner without any other statement. Nevertheless, we can know that the cow really loves its owner. It comes to its owner and puts its head on its owner’s lap. Just like babies and toddlers do! Maybe it craves to be petted.

This video proves that animals have feelings and that is why we can not be cruel to them.

Another video, uploaded by @myrayusof17, also shows how animals need love from humans. 


Puas laa penjaga nyet ni pujuk, dia nak ikut jugak sy balik..nak tengok video asal tak? 😆


The monkey lies on the woman’s lap and does not want to let her go.

Thus, we as humans should always be compassionate to animals. Even if cannot do something nice, at least do not do anything bad to them. Spread love!


Picture: @arshadazzwani

Sources: @arshadazzwani, @myrayusof17 (TikTok)

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