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Teen Take Drastic Steps Launched ‘Guerilla-Campaign’ To Pet Hamster

For some people, they love to interact with animals. Interacting with animals in their days can make their life to be so meaningful. They can’t imagine a day without seeing them.

Having pets in our home can give a lot of benefits. They can be our source of entertainment, companionship, and the source where we can get unconditional love.

Maybe that is the reason why a 15-year old girl, Susie decided to take “aggressive” action in persuading her mom to buy a hamster. She had been asking her mom, Laura Carns to buy a hamster all summer, but her mom would always give a cold answer, no to her. Because of this, she asked for help from the little brother and her boyfriend to launch a hamster campaign in her house.

One day after Susie asking the same thing from Carns, the mother replied with the same exact answer and left the house to visit her friends. Carns was shocked when she arrived home, the house was covered with pictures of hamsters everywhere she turned.

Susie and her team put up the pictures in every corner of the house such as in the freezer, up on the ceiling, under the toilet lid, and in other places.  They also made a Powerpoint presentation slide and left it open for the mother to see it.

The determination in Susie in getting a hamster was paid when Carns finally admitted defeat. She bought a hamster for Susie which is going to be Susie’s new best friend. The whole family now is in love with the new hamster which is obtained after Susie’s great determination.

Source: The Dodo

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