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“Is It Not Spicy?” Monkey Caught Eating Maggi Pedas Giler

Picture: @zizry_

Besides rice, almost all Malaysians cannot live without Maggi, especially the pedas or spicy ones like curry flavour. If we were to ask you to check the cupboards in your kitchen, there must be at least one pack of Maggi there. These instant noodles are described as our ’emergency food,’ besides sardines. Even when we have nothing to do and are bored, Maggi will become our go-to meal.

It seems like not only Malaysians enjoy eating Maggi, but monkeys do too! Check out the video from @zizry_’s TikTok


sape punya member ni kutip jap

♬ Saria’s Theme (From “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”) – The Versions

Look how the monkey is enjoying the food. Interestingly, it is not eating the regular instant noodles, but the spicy one, Maggi Pedas Giler!

Even some humans cannot handle the spiciness. How can a monkey look so chill eating it? Can monkeys’ tongues not sense spicy things? Do not their tongues feel numb?

According to Outforia, monkeys do not like hot and spicy food. Most of the animals in the jungle stay away from spicy food, except for three shrews! Outforia adds that monkeys are not equipped to handle human food. Thus, we should not give them what we eat.

Nevertheless, most of the time, it is not us who feed them. They feed themselves by stealing our food, just like in the video above.

Talking about the monkey eating spicy food, people are amused by its capability of handling spicy food:


Picture: @zizry_

We guess this one monkey is built differently from others.

Source: @zizry_ (TikTok), Outforia

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