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MB Selangor Suggested 5 New Committees To Strengthen The Parliament Institution

MB Selangor
Picture: Facebook Amirudin Shari

MB Selangor, Dato’ Amirudin Shari suggested five new committees that can help strengthen the parliament’s institution. He voiced his suggestions during the parliamentary session yesterday.

The MB stated that these suggestions should give a wider and more holistic view of the country’s demands and needs. Not only that, but it also helps the government see the necessary steps to be taken immediately. 

The new suggested committees by MB Selangor

In his speech, here are some of the suggestions the government can consider in their plan to ensure the nation’s improvement in multiple aspects.

1) Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Anak-Anak Syarikat dan Badan Berkanun

MB Selangor

Picture: Debitoor

2) Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Federalisme

  • This committee highlights the inequity faced by two states of Malaysia: Sabah and Sarawak.
  • These two states should be treated equally as they are a part of Keluarga Malaysia.
  • Additionally, the government should emphasise the process of helping Sabahans and Sarawakians, as many are still left behind. 
  • Since they are a part of Malaysia’s shareholders, the government shouldn’t turn a blind eye to them. They should immediately provide aid and necessities like internet connection, clean water and electricity to many remote areas there.
  • Other states like Selangor should also be given equal treatment. 
  • According to Dato’ Amirudin, Selangor contributed 24.8% to KDNK Nasional. 
  • However, the give-back rate is below 5% to 10%, which is considered low.

3) Jawatankuasa Pengangkutan Awam

  • YB mentioned the transportation issues many Malaysians have faced these past few months.
  • Therefore, the government needs to handle this ongoing problem efficiently.
  • As many Malaysians use public transport like LRT and MRT, the government is responsible for ensuring no delays or problems arise, especially during peak hours. 

4) Jawatankuasa Mobiliti Sosial

YB Selangor

Picture: Youtube Study Corner

5) Jawatankuasa Masyarakat Menua

  • Malaysia is now governed by the new government. Therefore, changes and adaptations are still ongoing.
  • Additionally, the unstable economic condition of the country has been a long-term concern for many. Yet, Malaysia still doesn’t see the way out of this problem.
  • Thus, Dato’ Amirudin explained Malaysia still has a long way to go.
  • However, he understood the issue of the KWSP withdrawal during COVID-19.
  • The new research was presented while his team held a retreat. The withdrawal helped many Malaysians during the pandemic. Yet, the amount was not distributed efficiently.
  • This could cause a worrying aftereffect. 
  • Thus, some contributors will earn RM 0.68 per day if they reach 15 to 78 years old. 

Therefore, the government has to weigh the do’s and don’ts voiced by the opposing party so that Malaysia’s stability will be at its best. 

Sources: Twitter Amirudin Shari, Facebook Amirudin Shari

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