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Woman Disappointed With BF For Gifting RM2,000 Louis Vuitton Wallet Instead Of Chanel

Any people would be really happy when receiving a present or a gift from someone that they love. It does not matter if the gift was expensive or not, they will appreciate it.

But, some people do not grateful for what they get. A post by NUSWhispers on Facebook shows a woman that does not happy with a present that her boyfriend gets for her birthday.

The woman received a Louis Vuitton wallet from her boyfriend with a price of SGD700 (RM2,157) for her birthday. Even though it was expensive for some people, but not for her.

“Recently my boyfriend bought me a Louis Vuitton wallet which costs around $700 for my birthday. When I saw the wallet, I felt really upset and disappointed. Because earlier this year, my sister’s boyfriend got her a Chanel wallet which costs at least $1000 for her birthday,” she said.

According to her, she felt jealous of her sister because her sister’s boyfriend spends more money than his boyfriend.

She also said that during Circuit Breaker, her boyfriend always orders food from cheap restaurants for her while her sister’s boyfriend orders food from expensive restaurants.

“Sometimes I feel like a loser.. why my sister can find such a good boyfriend but I just cannot. Just because she is taller and slimmer, she can find a good boyfriend. It’s so unfair. Sorry for the long rant,” said the woman.

Source: NUSWhispers

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