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Czech Republic Open Borders For Travelers, Allowing Events Up To 500 People

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The Czech Republic government yesterday has announced that they have decided to allow their people to travel most of the European countries without submitting a COVID-19 test result when return from those countries.

“We can start traveling around Europe from June 15,” said Czech Republic Health Minister, Adam Vojtech on Twitter.

As what is said by their Health Minister, Czech’s government uses three colors to distinguish between European countries depending on their safety level regarding the coronavirus. The three colors are green, orange, and red.

Green color shows European countries that are safe to travel like Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, and the Baltics.

Orange colors show countries that is a higher level of risks like Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and many more.

While red color shows the highest risk countries that is Britain and Switzerland.

“Czechs can travel to green and orange countries without facing any restrictions when they return,” said Vojtech. He also added that negative tests were needed for those who come back from Britain and Sweden.

“Foreigners coming to the Czech Republic from orange and red countries will have to submit a test result,” he said.

Not just that, Vojtech also stated that the government will allow theatres and cinemas to abandon social distancing rules starting next week.

“We are also raising the maximum number of people at mass events to 500 as of the same day, June 8,” added Vojtech.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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