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High Water Bill Due To Adjustments – SPAN

The National Water Services Commission (SPAN) said the water bill for May 2020 is higher than usual as it comprised March and April bill adjustments.

In a statement tonight, SPAN said that bills issued in March and April were based on estimated readings because water distribution operators could not carry out meter reading during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

“After the actual on-site meter reading by the water distribution operator in May, the calculation for May bill will be taking into account the March and April bill adjustments.

“In addition, domestic consumers use more water than usual during the MCO as there are more daily activities at home. This has contributed to the increase in water bills,” said SPAN.

According to SPAN, a method of water bill calculation during the MCO period was issued for reference and compliance by the water distribution operators to ensure reasonable charges.

“If the calculation method used by the operators is not in accordance with the method issued by SPAN, they are required to adjust the billing on the affected user’s account,” it said.

It said users are requested to pay their respective water bills and if they are overcharged, the correction would be recorded in the bill next month.

“However, if users felt that the charges were unreasonable and needed of detailed clarifications, they are advised to contact their respective water operators or lodge complaints to [email protected],” the statement said.


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