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Never Stop Dreaming: This Woman Proves That Dreams Do Come True

Picture: @GhiwaOjaimie25

Everyone has a dream. Dreaming is the first step toward success. Without a dream, people do not know what they want for their future. Nevertheless, without effort, your dream would be futile, and you could never achieve success.

A woman in Qatar, @GhiwaOjaimie25 shares two photos of herself with the caption ‘You can always dream.’ The location of the two photos shows that she is in the Lusail Stadium.

A dream come true

In the first photo, @GhiwaOjaimie25 is wearing a safety helmet and a yellow safety vest. She is sitting on a concrete bench and her surrounding looks like a place under construction. Meanwhile, in the second photo, she is wearing a jersey and is sitting on a bench watching the view of a field.

Surprisingly, @GhiwaOjaimie25 is an architect who was involved in the construction of the Lusail Stadium. No wonder she has her safety helmet and vest on in the first photo. In case you have forgotten or do not know, Lusai Stadium is where one of the 2022 FIFA World Cup was held. The stadium is amazing!


Picture: ArchDaily

As mentioned before, she asserts the caption, stating that we can always dream. Like herself, she dreams of becoming an architect. She made an effort for it, and finally, she becomes one! More interestingly, she was involved in the construction of the biggest football tournament stadium. Such an inspiration for all!

During the FIFA World Cup, she enjoyed her success by being in the magnificent stadium. She must be very happy to see that everyone else all over the world enjoyed the stadium too.

For additional information, @GhiwaOjaimie25 is a football enthusiast. Thus, it must be an honour for her to construct the stadium for the football players and fans.

Remember, it begins with a dream. So, do not stop dreaming!

Source: @GhiwaOjaimie25 (Twitter)

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