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Two Wins In A Row, Ipoh-Born Actress Michelle Yeoh Sweeps Best Actress Awards!

Best Actress
Pictures: Red Carpet Fashion Awards, TGV Cinemas, PNGitem

Indeed, Michelle Yeoh deserves to win the Best Actress Award at these two prestigious award shows! We’ve been keeping an eye on her artistic journey, and we sincerely congratulate her for bagging the award home. As expected from this gifted queen, her talents would never go to waste and are praised by the best critics.

Last December, she was crowned as TIME’s 2022 Icon of The Year for her flawless performance. The star of Everything Everywhere All At Once has been listed in many awards for its success. Despite being a heartthrob for many years, her performance in the movie garnered a surge of new fans. She’s riding the fame wave now, and we like to see that.

Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian to win Best Actress

The victory tastes sweeter as Yeoh becomes the first Asian recognized by professional critics as the Best Actress in 45 years.

In an interview, Yeoh said it means more than the world to her. Moreover, she voiced her hopes that other actors or actresses who ‘look like her’ will be seen not just by the professionals but by the world too. She wished for Asian actors and actresses to “break the glass ceiling and shatter it to bits.”

Additionally, she humbly received such honor from a prestigious name in the film industry.

Along with Yeoh, some of the well-known names that walked the glamorous red carpet were Best Actor winner Colin Farrel, Best Supporting Actress Janelle Monae and Best Director Steven Spielberg.

It looks like Yeoh has a better chance of winning Best Actress in a motion picture (musical or comedy) at the upcoming Golden Globes too! At this point, nothing is impossible for this Ipoh-born superstar!

Just in! Michelle Yeoh is now a holder of the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes!

Update alert! She won Best Actress at the Golden Globes! Wow! Two wins in a row!

She looks gorgeous in that bedazzling dress, by the way!

Best Actress

Picture: Twitter Film Updates

Malaysians are very proud of you. We wish you more triumphant success in the future, Michelle Yeoh!

Sources: Twitter BFM News, Instagram Michelle Yeoh

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