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Excited For Your Journey? Here Are 5 Useful Tips For You

Picture: BERNAMA

Who doesn’t get excited for their journey, right? Everyone does, either domestically or internationally. Since Malaysia is a nation that holds one of the most powerful passports in the world, so it’s better to pack your bag now and book your flight ticket to travel to visa-free destinations.

Before that, what do we need to do? We can’t just travel without any preparations as we need to prepare many things beforehand. A Twitter account, @mxdsupplyco has shared a tweet on 5 useful tips for your journey. According to the tweet, here are the useful tips:

5 useful tips for your journey

1. Save important copies

Before traveling abroad, you MUST keep copies of important documents in an email or send to your nearest heir. Just in case if anything happens, you will have a backup plan.

The list of required documents to save:

  • Identification card (MyKad)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Flight tickets

Picture: BERNAMA, Shutterstock

2. Do research

Do research on the place you want to travel to. Make sure to do research on transport, halal food, hotel, main attractions, and operation hours of the places you want to go. Don’t forget to make a price comparison and adjust it to your budget so that you don’t waste money.


Picture: ThaiAirways

3. Plan your outfit

Choose the appropriate outfit according to the location of the vacation and the activity to be done. Mix and match existing outfits and bring what you need. The extra space can be used to place other items.


Picture: Bonobos, Betabrand, and Allbirds

4. Power bank

Bring a power bank with a full charge battery when traveling so you don’t miss recording videos and taking interesting photos along the way. Do choose a power bank that has a larger battery capacity so that you can charge it many times. Don’t forget fast USB charging to make your travel more convenient.


Picture: ElectronicsBeliever

5. Watch over your personal items

Keep your mobile phone, wallet and identity card in a safe place to avoid being a pick-pocket target. DO NOT put the wallet near the back pocket since it is quite exposed. Be careful of pick-pocketers.


Picture: Depositphotos

Do check the thread below!

Source: @mxdsupplyco

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