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Man Walks More Than 700 Miles To Propose To His Partner During Valentine’s Day

Picture: Expat Media

A man takes on a challenging, yet adventurous journey as he decides to walk more than 700 miles to propose to his partner. The 52-year-old man starts his journey of “love’ a month earlier with the hope that he can meet his partner during Valentine’s Day.

The man begins his challenge at Nakhon in Thailand and walks for a month until he reaches Satun. His story goes viral on social media and many people support him as they offer him food, drinks, and also accommodation.

The man and his lover know each other from TikTok for the past five months. Nevertheless, they never meet each other.

Finally, on Valentine’s Day, the man successfully reaches Satun. Also on the same day, the couple registers for their marriage at the Tung Wa district office.


Picture: The Thaiger

Seems like everyone is excited about the first meeting of the couple. About 200 people gather, cheer, and congratulate them as their eyes meet for the first time since knowing each other. 

His partner is glad that he keeps his promise of meeting her on Valentine’s Day. 

700 miles is not a short journey. The strength that this man has to walk that far, at that age is admirable. 

Source: The Thaiger 

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