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Man Kidnapped His Ex-Wife After Breaking Into Her Home In Thailand

kidnapped ex-wife
Picture: Twitter

On Tuesday night, a vengeful Thai man broke into his ex-wife’s home in Nakhon Pathom province and kidnapped her. The woman’s security camera caught the horrific moment when he forced his way inside the home, wrapped his arms around her neck, and pulled her outside violently. According to the poor woman, her ex-husband has kidnapped her twice.

The horrific moment happened at 10:25 p.m. She was pulled out of the house by him after he destroyed her wall. He then put her in the car and drove her to western Thailand’s Phetchaburi province. The man also claims that before bringing her into the La-u jungle in Kaeng Krachan National Park, he first took her to the coastal Cha-am area.

She was able to escape and call the police, who then drove her back to her house. According to the police, she is currently safe.

The woman told the police that she and her ex-husband had been together for 6 years. Also, she stated that the first two years of their relationship were great. However, they began fighting violently in the third year. They split up for a while and then reconciled. The couple then began fighting more frequently, and things worsen, according to her.

The woman added that she wanted to end her relationship with him because of his violent tendencies, but he did not believe that his behavior was an issue. He assumed that she wanted to leave him because she was in love with someone else.  The woman stated that she couldn’t stand the violence any longer, so the couple split up for real about three months ago.

The man was questioned by the police at Sampran Police Station. He expressed regret for his violent behavior. He also claimed to be under stress and to be in debt.

Surprisingly, the ex-wife did not file any charges against him.

Sources: Facebook, The Thaiger

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