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Don’t Eat Bananas With Other Food, It’s Harmful!

Pictures: ZOE, Healthgrades, US News Health, PotatoPro, Wikimedia Commons

Bananas are one of the starchiest fruits that are high in potassium. This yellow fruit isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but it also makes you feel full after consuming it. Many people will have a banana or two for breakfast. It’s like a meal on its own.


Picture: National Geographic Society

Did you know? Although this starchy fruit is delicious on its own, some people like mixing it with other things. However, according to Bossbabe Cho, a pharmacist, it’s dangerous to eat bananas with other food.


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Bananas can’t be eaten with these food items

1) Watermelon


Picture: Better Homes & Gardens

Cho explained that watermelon and banana are fruits that cool down the body temperature. They are known as ‘buah sejuk’. Therefore, they can’t be eaten together. Why? The eater can easily get diarrhoea.

2) Milk


Picture: U.S. Dairy

This is so surprising! We didn’t know it too.

Milk has high protein content, while a banana has acidic components. These two don’t mesh together because it slows the digestion process. Not only that, but it can also cause indigestion.

3) Potato


Picture: Medical News Today

Eating these two together will trigger acne on your face. Additionally, it’s easier for toxin accumulation. Thus, it’s not advisable to eat bananas and potatoes together.

Some facts about the yellow fruit

1) Bananas are a part of the berry family.
2) It’s the fourth most popular agricultural product in the world.
3) The scientific name for this fruit is Musa sapientum.
4) A banana only has 89 calories per 100 g. Wow!
5) Some researchers said eating a banana could lower the risk of stroke and heart attack.

No wonder this fruit is among the popular choices by consumers. It’s delicious and versatile! Today we learned!

(Side note: do take this with a grain of salt. Consult with a dietitian or any professional if you have doubts about this.)

Sources: TikTok Bossbabe Cho,, Times of India

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