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This Is Why Turkey Changed Its Name To Türkiye

Picture: Marca

There has been some confusion happening behind Turkey’s new name, Türkiye. We also see some debates about why many people still use the country’s old name then the new one.

We’ve been so accustomed to Turkey that it’s hard to use Türkiye instead. Like people say— habits aren’t easy to break.

But do we know why Turkey changed its name in the beginning? What’s the significance? Let’s clear the air together.

Türkiye reflects the country’s culture

According to the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Türkiye represents and expresses the country’s culture, civilisation and values. It’s a movement that opens and crosses more borders worldwide. The rebranding earns praise from many too.

The negative connotations associated with ‘Turkey’ is the reason behind the country’s name rebranding.

If we say Turkey, what will come first to mind? It’s this, right?


Picture: Google

Turkey is commonly associated with the bird. And the government doesn’t favour this parallel.

Selim Koru, a member of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, said, “It’s not surprising given the government’s sensitivity to how the country is perceived and fondness for nationalist rhetoric. That is at the centre of this policy as well.”

Furthermore, aside from associating the bird with the country’s name, Turkey is also described as ‘something that fails badly‘ or ‘a stupid or silly person‘. Thus, the Türkiye government led by Erdogan wanted to change that perspective. You can read a more detailed explanation here.

We understand it can be a bit of a hassle to use Türkiye instead of Turkey. But we can try to make it a new norm. Using Türkiye instead of Turkey reflects our respect for their country and culture.

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