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Malaysians Come Together To Buy This Chinese Uncle A Brand New Bicycle

Picture: @ciksuegebu

Transportation has become one of the most important things to humans. A car, a motorcycle, or even a bicycle is used by people to commute from one place to another place. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford to buy a transport as not everyone is well-off. Some people may have to struggle more than others to live their lives each day.

In a recent video shared by @ciksuegebu, she has a big surprise for one of her regular customers. For additional information, @ciksuegebu owns a stall where she sells food. Many people enjoy her food, including this one Chinese uncle.

This uncle comes to her stall frequently, usually with his bicycle. He uses the bicycle to transport boxes from one place to another place. However, it is then found out that his bicycle is broken.


Replying to @fatinelle @Yasmin Redzuan @NMA @babybb88 @Norazlin @Dee @🌺MaMa YaNa🌺 @hez @tlv @Adik Halia @MatchaLatte🍵 @Eliadina Sousa @Rodziah @HRJ’S @RP• VORTEX N XIRTEX 🇮🇩×🇰🇷 @TSYA (@dfmotorwerkz @Basikal Penang Terima Kasih semua yang menderma , anda bukan sahaja buat uncle tersenyum malah uncle terkejut tergamam . Uncle ulang banyak kali nak bagi duit , Uncle tak percaya , Uncle tersangat happy harini.. dia ingatkan saya nak bagi dia nasi lemak bila buka bonet dapat hadiah basikal uncle sangat happy ❤️ saya doakan semua yang dermakan untuk uncle , dimurahkan rezeki. bukan saya yang baik , tapi anda lah yang bantu saya melihat kesusahan & keperluan uncle yang sebenar . sepanjang saya kenal uncle , saya tak pernah nampak uncle sangat happy macam ni .. Terima kasih semua .❤️ Minta maaf kepada yang saya tak dapat tag sebab saya cari id tak jumpa jumpa

♬ Instrumen Sedih – Yuda pratama

Many people are aware of this as @ciksuegebu always updates about the uncle on her social media. Thinking about how hard can it be for the uncle to transport boxes without his bicycle, many kind-hearted people come together to buy him a brand-new bicycle.

As @ciksuegebu surprises the uncle with the gift, he is speechless. He even wants to pay for the bike, not knowing that it is a gift from many people who donated some money to make it happen.

Feeling indebted, the uncle invites @ciksuegebu for tea.

Thank you to those who bring a big smile to the uncle’s face.

Source: @ciksuegebu (TikTok)

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