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“Awok Orang Perak,” This Indian Uncle Is Loud And Proud Of Where He Comes From, And #WeStan

Pictures: TikTok @ahjummaizma, PNGkey

We stan anyone who is loud and proud of their identity. It shows how comfortable they are with their uniqueness, and they aren’t afraid to embrace their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Speaking of being loud and proud, Malaysians also should be happy and thankful to live in this multiracial country. It’s humbling to be in a harmonious community consisting of different races like Malay, Chinese, Indian and others. It’s what makes Malaysia so unique. We aren’t like other countries. People of different ethnicities and cultures are the backbone of the nation.

Therefore, this Indian uncle is the definition of ‘be proud of yourself.’


Kome Kali Ni Ahjumma Kongsikan Uncle India Ni Pulak Fasih Speaking Perak. Uncle Ni Bawak Grab Dalam Kawasan Ipoh. #truemalaysian #orangperak

♬ original sound – syaifaizma – syaifaizma

@ahjummaizma on TikTok conversed with this uncle while seemingly on the Grab car.

Since the uncle speaks fluent Malay, plus a friendly Perak accent, it’ll be a topic of interest!

However, this uncle voiced a concern we didn’t know before. He said, “How can you speak [with the accent]?”

The uncle is as cool as a cucumber. His response was, “I’m from Perak. Of course, I can speak [with the accent]!”

What the uncle said next earned our respect as he added, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m from Perak. I’m from Perak.”

Additionally, this uncle has a piece of advice for everyone who gets the same question. “Other people [from different states] can speak in their accent, so why can’t I? You don’t have to be ashamed!”

Lastly, @ahjummaiza politely asked if the uncle could show his face to the camera. The uncle said yes! He’s indeed the coolest.

Perak people ensemble in the comment section

People from the west coast state of Malaysia gather to back this uncle up. They are indeed proud of where they come from!


Picture: TikTok @ahjummaizma


Picture: TikTok @ahjummaizma

How about you? Which state of Malaysia are you from? And are you proud of the dialect you speak?

Source: TikTok @ahjummaizma

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