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What Do Snakes Actually Eat, And Can We Keep These Reptiles As Pets?

Picture: Animals San Diego Zoo

Snakes are the kind of reptiles that humans fear, aside from crocodiles. Their scary-looking figure will surely make you jump. Even though sometimes they look like they are ‘nice’ creatures, like what we have seen on television, we should always be careful. Not all people can manage these reptiles. Only professionals can do it.

As we all know, crocodiles feed on meat. Even scarier, sometimes, they can swallow a human. But..what about snakes? What do they eat?

For those who might not know yet, snakes are carnivores. Do you remember what is the meaning of carnivore?

Carnivores are meat-eaters. This means snakes do not eat plants. Just like crocodiles too!

So, here are the 10 animals that these long reptiles usually hunt for:
1) Mice and rats
2) Rodents like rabbits and chipmunks
3) Birds
4) Frogs and toads
5) Fish
6) Invertebrates (earthworms and slugs)
7) Snakes (Yes, they eat small ones like babies and juveniles)
8) Bats
9) Lizards
10) Various mammals, and reptile species’ eggs


Picture: Liquids and Solids

Seeing these scary-looking creatures, no one wants to keep them as pets. Is it true?

No, because some people adore snakes. But, can we keep them as pets in Malaysia?

Well, only several species of this reptile can be kept as pets. With one condition: You must have a genuine permit! This does not only required for snakes but also for other exotic animals.

Are you one of those people who like this reptile?

Source: AZ Animals

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