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A 20-Year-Old Guy Wonders What Teenagers Eat To Be So Tall

Pictures: TikTok @luqmanshii

User Luqmaan (@luqmanshii), it’s okay. We understand your concern. We feel it too. Haiya! How can these teenagers be taller than the majority of us?

Have you ever gone somewhere and seen a group of teenagers hanging out, just doing their thing? One thing you’ll notice about them is their height. They’re as tall as the lamp post! However, this isn’t a generalised statement. Some of them might not be that tall.

If knowing they’re physically taller than most of us isn’t painful enough, discovering they’re far younger hurts even more! Some secondary students have reached the height of 180++ cm!


secondary students are built different

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Did you know that most boys reach their peak height spurt at 16? However, this doesn’t stop them from growing. Men will continue developing even in their 20s. In fact, some get even taller after that. Talk about insecurities. We sure feel them!


Picture: Topend Sports

To these mothers, what do you feed your kids? We might need to do some grocery shopping to make our future kids this tall!

Funnily, Luqman’s biggest concern about his height is if he’ll be getting the girls, standing at 170 cm. Hey, Luqman, we can assure you that height comes in later. Your personality is more important for a long and happy relationship!

Netizens share the pain of not being tall

Looking into the comment section, Luqman is considered taller than many of them.


Picture: TikTok @luqmanshii


Picture: TikTok @luqmanshii

We can safely say this is a general concern for many shares. But don’t let it define who you are. We might feel insecure and ‘little’ with our height. However, who knows? You’re capable of doing things these tall teenagers can’t. Don’t sell yourself short, friends!

Sources: TikTok @luqmanshii, Healthline

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