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Netizens Praised This Man For Decorating His Mother’s House While She Was Away

Pictures: TikTok @lelaki_pramugarajadian

This man decorated his mother’s house while she was away! The term ‘anak mithali’ is often used to describe a child devoted to their parents. No matter the circumstances, they’re willing to spend more for their parents and dedicate their time to be there for them when they’re in need.

These days, as we get busier, we don’t get to be for our parents. It’s more challenging if we’re working or studying far from them. Therefore, as a child, have you ever wondered how to contribute even the slightest to your parents when you have a chance?

A good example of ‘small things matter’ is cleaning your parents’ house while they’re away! It might seem insignificant, but a little goes a long way— and of course, your parents will surely be more thankful for the help!

@lelaki_pramugarajadian shared in TikTok his way of devoting to his mother, who had done so much for him.


Mak pergi tido umah abang harini😘

♬ Kali Terakhir Ku Lihat Wajahmu – Uji Rashid

Since his mother went somewhere else, he seized the opportunity to do a makeover.

Firstly, he changed the curtains since they were dusty. And he deserves a round of applause because he sowed the curtains by himself! He said doing it homemade style is more satisfactory. And we have to say— those curtains are pretty!

Next, he cleaned the house by throwing away things that were no longer of use, swept the floor and changed the cushion covers.

At first glance, it looks as if @lelaki-pramugarajadian is making Aidilfitri preparations. But this shows that we don’t have to wait until Hari Raya to make it happen.

He successfully changed the curtain, installed an aircon and got new wallpaper in his mother’s house. It’s all from his efforts! Truly, everything that @lelaki_pramugarajadian did should be a stepping stone for us to appreciate our parents and give back to them!

Many users praise him for the wonderful deed he has done— as he deserves.

Picture: TikTok @lelaki_pramugarajadian

Picture: TikTok @lelaki_pramugarajadian

Thus, whenever we have the chance, let’s put a smile on our parents’ faces by doing these little things for them.

Source: TikTok @lelaki_pramugarajadian

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