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Father Punished Son Who Loves Playing Game By Making Him Play More

Picture: The Mirror

A father in Shenzhen took a different method of giving a lesson to his son. He punished his game-addicted son by allowing him to play more. At first, the son just got along with his punishment and enjoyed it until he could not take it any longer.

A few days ago, the father caught his son playing video games on a school night. Instead of getting mad, he let him play more with his supervision.

It might seem weird at first, but the father was actually letting him play without sleep. He even allowed him not to go to school the next day to play video games.

The boy fell asleep a couple of times, but rules are rules. He could not sleep. Thus, the father continuously woke him up so that he could continue playing video games.


Picture: Centre for Sight

After 17 hours of playing games, the son pleaded with his father to let him sleep. He could not take it anymore. In addition, he promised his father that he would never again play video games behind his father’s back.

Nevertheless, the father hoped for anyone else not to follow his way of giving a lesson to someone.

According to Oddity Central, some people criticized his punishment and some of them praised the way he punished his son.

What say you? Do you think what the father was doing is good for the child?

Source: Oddity Central 

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