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Father Takes A Teddy Bear From Garbage For His Kid As He Couldn’t Afford It

A recent post by Azri Walter on Facebook shows a father who can be seen carrying a teddy bear with him on the bike which he takes it from the garbage as he couldn’t afford it to get it for his kid.

Azri Walter was driving to his office in Putrajaya when he saw a motorist carrying something that caught his attention. The traffic light was at red and Azri stopped right next to the motorist and saw he was carrying a big teddy bear with him on the bike.

At the traffic light, Azri approaches the motorist and tells him that was a big teddy bear and where he wanted to take it. The motorist pull down his face mask and said, ” Yeah it’s big. I found it when I was working, in the garbage, someone had thrown it away so I took it,”.

Azri asks the motorist once again if he will give the teddy bear to his kid. The man went silent for while looking at the teddy bear then replied, “Yeah, my kid wanted one since yesterday he saw one at a store,”.

“But the price is way too high, I could buy food with that money. I found this teddy bear in the garbage, still in good condition. My kid will love it after I wash it,” the motorist added.

Azri continues by reminding readers of sacrifices from the men, especially for dads. He also urged people to never give up in life since we have people that hope on us.

Source: Facebook

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