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Man Shares Benefit Of ‘Usrah’ And It’s Application to Family

Picture via Baharuddin Mohamed

Many benefits can we get from ‘usrah’. But before that, do we know what is the meaning of usrah? The word ‘usrah’ is derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘family’.

In an usrah group, there will be a mentor or guide (called Naqib for men, Naqibah for women) and the rest of the usrah. When they meet, this group will engage in a discussion, conversation or activity. There are three basic requirements: introduction, understanding, and mutual help.

A Facebook post by Baharuddin Mohamed shows what is the benefit (from his point of view) of usrah, especially in a family.

According to his post, these are the benefits of usrah:

  1. This usrah routine is a weekly activity. If not, do it sometimes. It is something that the children look forward to. Children who are older and go to university will miss the atmosphere when away from family.
  2. Usrah is a place for advising children. It is a great time as the hearts of children are ready to receive something more after prayer.
  3.  Usrah is a place to train children to talk and to receive advice. All are allowed to express themselves if anyone does not like their family members. It doesn’t matter that the younger ones can advise the older ones. However, respect for their brothers and sisters is a priority.
  4. Usrah is the place to state SOPs and specific targets in the family and provide direction for the coming week in the event of an important family event.
  5. Kids can easily hear if we as parents are together after prayers. The best time to forgive your children and your wife.
  6. If at the office we can have weekly and monthly meetings. Why don’t we do it in our family? This is a great way to get all your family members together and focus on what they want to achieve.
  7. The Quran and Yassin readings should be read aloud so that our homes will be visited by angels and keep ourselves away from demons. Our home is our paradise.

“We’re old. What is the use of having so much money, the ranks, and multiple projects we can get when we don’t spend our time with family?”

Source: Baharuddin Mohamed

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