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Hospital Bahagia, The First And The Largest Psychiatry Institute In Malaysia

Picture: Gathercare

You may hear of people mentioning Tanjung Rambutan Hospital, right? It is actually Bahagia Hospital instead of Tanjung Rambutan. The location of the hospital near the town of Tanjung Rambutan in Perak makes people name it that way.

It is not a regular hospital. Bahagia Hospital is the first and the largest psychiatry institute in Malaysia.

Let’s get to know the history of the hospital

According to JKN Perak, in 1910, the government built this hospital, at first called the ‘Federal Lunatic Asylum.’ The construction began after Dr. W. F. Samuels suggested the land to build the hospital, and it finished its construction the next year. Dr. Samuels was appointed as the first Medical Director of the hospital.

In the early operation of the ‘Federal Lunatic Asylum,’ it had only four wards — 3 for males and one for female patients. The wards were separated by a kitchen.


Picture: Bahagian Perkembangan Perubatan

In 1928, the hospital changed its name to ‘Central Mental Hospital.’ Then, it changed its name again to ‘Bahagia Hospital Ulu Kinta’ and it remains until now. At that time, people are beginning to be more aware of psychiatric treatment. The changing of the hospital’s name was to give a more positive image of mental illness.

From only four wards in its early operation, now Bahagia Hospital has more than 130 wards for patients.

We hope Bahagia Hospital will continue to excel in treating and educating people about mental illness.

Source: JKN Perak

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