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The Positive Outcomes Of Taking Cold Showers That You Do Not Know

Picture: Our Paleo life & PNGFind

Often, we hear people in the army having to take cold showers. Not just cold, but they need to bathe in ice! Bathing in iced water for soldiers is a part of their hypothermia training. Aside from soldiers, the people living in the coldest city in Siberia, also do the same thing!

If you cannot manage bathing in iced water, using only cold water is also fine. There are a lot of benefits of showering with cold water. Here are some of the positive outcomes:

1) Trains your mind control

  • Showering with cold water will train you to stay calm even during discomfort, fear, and struggle.

2) Improves mood

  • Cold water increases the production of mood-elevating hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • This can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

3) Strengthened immune system

  • When we are exposed to coldness, it will increase the white blood cell counts in our body.

4) Reduce stress

  • Cold water may decrease cortisol which is a stress-inducing hormone.
  • The immune system then will get better at handling stress.

5) Healthier skin

  • Cold water will tighten and constrict blood flow which will result in healthier skin.
  • Your skin will get refreshed.

Do you prefer warm or cold showers? After knowing the benefits, will you try cold showers now?

Sources: @TheJackBly (Twitter), Wim Hof, Healthline

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